My first HTML5 site for a contest

Hi everyone, I just made a HTML5 site for a contest. I used the idea of “Labuat” to play with the music and merged it with a mini game. To be honest, there is nothing surprising if you are looking for something new and interesting. But it is my first HTML5 experiment and I wanted to explore the possibility of using HTML5 to replace Flash completely.

Well, it seems that the performance of canvas redrawing is quite low if you are not using Internet Explorer 9 because of its hardward acceleration. Seriously, I am really surprised that IE can finally do something better than Firefox and Chrome.

I haven’t minified the source code so feel free to right click and see the source if you are interested. But I have to say I am a very beginner of Javascript and HTML5. I don’t even know how to use JQuery yet but I will definitely spend some time on it if possible.

My submission link:


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